Ellis Estate Liquidations Customer Reviews

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Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 9 ratings)

Really Great Company!

When mom died last year we were lost as to what to do with her stuff. There were a lot of valuables and my sisters and I didn’t really need them. We didn’t really want to deal with listing everything and haggling with customers. We asked around and Ellis Estate Liquidations was recommended to us by a friend who had worked with them in the past.

We are so happy to have found them. They handled everything! They researched the pricing, organized the sale, put out advertisements, handled the crowd that came and collected a fair price for the items sold. They were pleasant and professional to deal with. Highly recommend!

– Bob Stalwart

Good service, good people

Ellis Liquidations has handled several sales for customers of my antique store in Edmond. I have always been impressed with how diligent and professional they are. Very pleasant mother and son team. All of our customers have been pleased with their service. Fair pricing and they handle everything for you!

– Sherri Walters

Family-owned business with decades of experience and expertise!

This is a family-owned business with decades of experience and expertise! They conducted our HUGE estate sale from beginning to end with the utmost care and attention-to-detail! They cleaned and organized everything, displayed it expertly and did everything within their power to get the best prices for the various items. They have an extensive network with experts to help with pricing the expensive items AND a network to market and advertise the sale. Could not be more pleased with LaJune and Shane’s work and with their staff who helped throughout the whole thing!

– Steve & Alvarita Hamilton


We recently moved my 98 year old father and his wife to an assisted living center. Several people in the business recommended I use LaJune and Shane. They were very professional and great to work with. They handled the whole deal from start to finish. My sister lives out of state and I’m working and have young kids making this time consuming event impossible. This is a trust deal. You want to feel good about the people handling your family’s things, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire time.

My folks had lived in that house for 30 plus years and it was FULL of knickknacks. They went through everything, organized, priced it and had the sale. That was a bunch of work hours! Once the sale was completed, any leftovers were donated to the charity of the sellers choice. They left the house clean an empty. PERFECTO!

– Jay Harris

So Grateful!

What a great experience working with Shane and LaJune! Their wealth of knowledge regarding the items we had to offer for sale was amazing, and their willingness to go the extra mile for us was so appreciated. We could not have been more pleased.


Ellis Estate Liquidations is a joy to work with!

Shane and LaJune are a joy to work with and really earned my trust. The process of preparing my father’s house for market would have been easier if I had called them in earlier. The minute they took over the task it felt as if a very large weight had been lifted from my shoulders! Their professionalism and know-how really shined when the estate sale attracted a huge crowd and all went smoothly. I cannot recommend Shame and LaJune highly enough.

– Carrie Johnson

Really Appreciated their Meticulous Attention to Detail

La June and Shane Ellis took the utmost care and meticulous detail in preparing for Mom’s ( Carolyn Thomas) estate sale. Mom was an antique and estate jewelry dealer for many years and had a HUGE amount of stuff. The family all lives out of state and were able to 100% trust the Ellis’s with valuables. We had a wonderful outcome, despite the pandemic, and they became like extended family!

– Kay Cowling

Just Fabulous Service! Loved Ellis Estate Liquidations!

Rarely in this modern world do things exceed my high expectations; however, that was NOT the case with the LaJune crew. FABULOUS does not give them enough credit. My parents lived 94 yrs, and collected many things in their lifetime. Each item was cleaned, handled respectfully, and displayed artfully. They advertised and we had a 396 visitors first day of sale. The policeman they hired was cordial and kept the flow smooth and steady. My family is very grateful for their effort. The final outcome outcome was receipts that were more that we wished for, and an empty house. What a great service they provide.

– Cynthia Knox

Really Nice Company to Deal With

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shane and LaJune Ellis for over three years now and have attended several of their estate sales. I was really impressed each time with how organized and professional they are and how well the items being sold were presented. In addition, both Shane and LaJune are very nice people and took the time to answer my questions and assist me with my purchases. When my parents pass on I will be using Ellis Estate Liquidations for the estate sale. I have complete confidence in them and highly recommend!

– Mike Stahl